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About Amir

Amir is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine. Working primarily on water-, environment- and climate-related topics, Amir has found an immense source of inspiration in nature. He creates photographs to share his deep admiration for the environment, and also to document human footprint on our planet. Through photos and non-technical educational material from all around the world, Amir strives to raise awareness about water resources and global climate and environmental change. From the hottest place on Earth (Lut Desert) to remote areas of Alaska and tropical forests in Southeast Asia, Amir has witnessed and shared imagery and narratives related to his research on water, climate and environment.

Amir was born in Iran, lived in Germany for a while, before making Southern California home back in 2009. He was 14 years old when his father gave him his old analog Canon AE-1 which allowed him to combine his passion for the outdoors with an aptitude for visual storytelling. Having a small darkroom at home equipped with an old German enlarger (i.e., the main equipment used for darkroom printing), he had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals as a teenager. Ever since, Amir has been using photography to engage and inspire people to protect our beautiful planet Earth. He travels around the world creating beautiful imagery for amazing people he works with. All photos in his galleries are available for print. Amir has many more photos than he can possibly share, so if you are looking for a particular photo for your project please feel free to ask.

When he is not traveling, writing, teaching, working on a research project or creating imagery in remote areas, you will find him at home in Irvine, California, with his wife, Nasrin, his seven-year-old son, Kian, and two-year old daughter, Kimia.

If you are interested to collaborate, please contact Amir (click on CONTACT tab). You can also connect with him via his Instagram.

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